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Deborah Flate
Deborah Flate

Founder Dialogue Consulting,
Sales Professional, Trainer

Optimize Your Selling Potential in the New Normal

The only way to have any product or service make money and get into more places is to strategically know how to sell. There have been ongoing challenges in HOW to sell especially in the interior product sector. The design industry needs a total shift in how we sell, especially in this New Normal when all the rules are broken. It is important that we understand we are all sellers if we want to be part of the wellness in the home and living in place target the right customer. In this informative seminar, I share strategies that will begin the process of SELLING SMARTER in a niche market.

We need to use the power of sales to build and grow our business in today’s competitive interior design market. As Dr. Stephen Covey, who wrote in his book 7 Effective Habits of Highly Effective People, so aptly put it:

“We must never become too busy to take time to sharpen the saw”.

Deborah Flate is the founder of the consulting firm, Dialogue Consulting which was born from her seeing a need to take her 30+ years as a designer, salesperson, regional and national sales director to guide companies, specifically in the interior design sector, She is an industry expert on helping business develop their the best growth strategies.

As an international presenter, Deborah has been invited to speak at IIDEX, NeoCon, IFMA, and the Building Show along with multiple National Sales Conferences on business strategies that result in a stronger business model. She works with companies to help them build a strong foundation that allows them to weather any outside economic conditions.

Her Conscience Selling: 7 Core Principles to Optimize Sales approach has been taught to multiple product companies, showrooms, and designers throughout the US and Canada.

Deborah freely admits to being a disrupter and how to break free from the idea of what works in sales vs old, outdated, traditional methods that no longer serve us. For more information visit


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