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Deborah DiMare
Deborah DiMare

Vegan Interior Designer, Principal DiMare Design, Founder Vegan Design

What Is Vegan Design And Why Adding This Specialty Will Grow Your Business

Luxury today is being redefined. It is no longer about dripping jewelry or big mansions. It’s about surrounding ourselves in spaces that make us feel happy, healthy and strong. The pandemic has forced us to reevaluate our choices and lifestyle. Today, we are much more aware of our living environments and the role they play in our mental and physical health.

I am a global expert in vegan and non toxic design. The two go hand in hand. You cannot claim that a space is healthy if it’s animal based. That’s a fact.  

 In 30 minutes, you will learn the “what, how and why” of vegan design. It’s not just about using materials and décor that are non animal based and replacing them with durable and affordable faux alternatives. There are many layers to this type of design and it’s a fabulous specialty to add to your existing services. Think of it like adding paint consulting.

 I look forward to enlightening you about how to grow your business with a vegan design specialty.  


Deborah is a renowned interior designer, author, educator and pioneer of the ethical/wellness design movement. She has been executing beautiful living and sensory environments that contribute to the mental and physical health and well being of people and the protections of animals and the planet for nearly 20 years. Her company, DiMare Design, is the only 100% cruelty-free interior design firm specializing in the creation of organic, optimal spaces, and sourcing vegan textiles and sustainable furniture that bear zero-to-low toxins.

DiMare Design has several divisions including luxury custom design services and “Cruelty Free Casa,” an affordable, online option of curated rooms and E-design services.

Deborah also heads VeganDesign org, where she educates consumers and designers about humane & healthy design through virtual courses, a blog and a full online shop of cruelty free, vegan and low toxin furniture, décor & curated spaces.

Deborah is showing the world that less toxic, healthier, durable and luxurious faux alternatives can easily replace wool, fur, leather & other animal derived materials.  She believes in designing environments free from tragedy and despair. Only good, healthy, clean energy should be had in all spaces!

Her design expertise has been featured in Architectural Digest, The Hollywood Reporter, Forbes, Better Homes & Garden, Real Simple, Dezeen, Live Kindly, Veg News and The Today Show to name a few. Deborah proudly serves on the board of Farm Sanctuary and is a PETA Approved Business.




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