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Built Beautiful
Built Beautiful

Feature Length Documentary on special release exclusive for the LivABLE Environment Conference 

Built Beautiful: An Architecture & Neuroscience Love Story

xperts in neuroscience, biology, chemistry, psychology and architecture have led Don Ruggles to create the new discipline of neuro-architectology.  Blending classical principals and modern science, he has found beauty is uniformly within us; from the moment we are born, we are wired to identify beauty based on the classic 3×3 pattern. When seeing that pattern, or not, a neurological response is triggered. Thus, the connection to “beautiful” design and our well-being.

To this end, Don has spoken at several universities and conferences over the past few years in the U.S. and U.K., authored a book on the subject, and has produced a film, “Built Beautiful: An Architecture & Neuroscience Love Story with Narration by Martha Stewart.” The film features proponents of designing our built environment with direct attention to the health of those who will see and be within these structures.

Built Beautiful is a feature length documentary movie that examines the theories embodied in the book Beauty, Neuroscience & Architecture by Donald H. Ruggles.  The movie features leading experts from around the world in the emerging field of neuro-aesthetics as well as academics, researchers, architects and interior designers. It is being produced by Barbara Bridges, Donald Zuckerman and Donald H. Ruggles.

The movie will be available for viewing in its entirety during  the LivABLE Environment Conference April 28-30, 2021.



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