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Bean Gill

Bean Gill

Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur
Rick Hansen Foundation Ambassador



Living In A World That Isn’t Designed For Me and How to Easily Change The Environment To Be Inclusive.

No one asks for a disability, it is thrust upon you and you have to adapt very quickly to your new life. Finding accessible affordable housing is a nightmare in almost every city, why? City planners and developers do NOT take people with disabilities into consideration when they are designing new spaces or buildings but that’s going to change. Hear how my family and I adapted our lifestyles and our home to meet my needs. Learn some simple tips and tricks and grow your supply of resources to help your clients design and build homes that are universally accessible and inclusive to everyBODY. 


Bean Gill was born in Edmonton to an East Indian family in the 1980’s and has 3 crazy siblings. She grew up to become an x-ray technologist whose career was cut short by an unforeseen event that left her paralyzed from the waist down in July 2012. Now happily divorced and running a growing non profit organization called ReYu Paralysis Recovery Centre she is changing the way the public sees people with disabilities.

 She advocates for equality in ALL aspects and uses her loud voice to raise awareness. Some of her accolades include: Global’s Woman of Vision award, Top 40 Under 40, RBC’s Women of Influence Award and she is the reigning Miss Wheelchair Canada…..a few steps forward in her plan to change the world❤️


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