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Anne Marie Wright
Anne Marie Wright

Partner and Co-Founder. YouAreUNLTD

Aging is a Powerful Market Driver 

We Talk About Ageism as a Barrier to Success – The Broader Story is Really About How to Succeed in this New Aging Economy.

We all know that the population is aging – but do we understand how it is transforming our society and our business?

A new variety of aging consumers (45 to 70) are and have arrived at their later years with unprecedented diversity in terms of tastes, demands, aspirations, and expectations for their own lives—all of which go well beyond what older consumers put up with even a generation ago. Aging in Place or Living Well at Home? Words matter to this consumer.

Every industry—automotive, financial services, retail, insurance, entertainment, leisure, healthcare, and more—needs to develop innovations that truly excite and delight the new aging consumer.

Why? Because this is the largest and wealthiest audience in history. Their expectations will not be dampened by age, especially as they come to recognize the power of their unprecedented numbers and control (to the tune of 70 percent) of global consumer spending.

This 30-minute engaging and forward-looking session will introduce you to new insights and thinking to inspire fresh ideas that build competitive advantage. We’ll look at global trends and insights; who exactly this new aging consumer is (you’ll be surprised!); barriers to success such as issues around ageism and smart strategies that others have used to win in this dynamic marketplace.

Anne Marie is a Partner and Co-Founder of YouAreUNLTD, a purpose driven brand and content network, disrupting and redefining what it means to get older. YouAreUNLTD is a fresh voice to provide people with the inspiration and resources to age powerfully. Through content strategies that bust myths, educate and inform, YouAreUNLTD connects businesses and brands with the most valuable and influential demographic in history – the aging consumer.
Before YouAreUNLTD, Anne Marie established her career as a brand-focused, global business builder accomplished in growing and transforming healthcare organizations. With more than 30 years of Marketing, Sales and Business development experience in health technology start-ups, global pharmaceuticals, retail healthcare and CPG brand management, she is a champion of innovation, developing and leading healthcare solutions
that drive multi-million-dollar revenue gains, “next level” growth and build business value.


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