Meet Our Speaker

Ann Sussman
Ann Sussman

Author, Cognitive Architecture; Co-Editor, Urban Experience+Design, Instructor, Boston Architectural College, President, the Human Architecture & Planning Institute, Inc,

Day 3 Panelist: The Art, Science and Beauty of Design:  Architecture, Design and Your DNA! What’s It All Mean?


Panelist Ann Sussman, RA, an architect, author and researcher is passionate about understanding how buildings influence people emotionally. Her book, Cognitive Architecture, Designing for How We respond to the Built Environment (2015), co-authored with Justin B. Hollander, won the 2016 Place Research Award from the Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA). The forthcoming 2nd edition, featuring 70 full-color eye-tracked images of architecture, is due out this July. A frequent speaker, Ann has given more than 90 lectures at regional conferences and universities, including Greenbuild/Berlin in 2018 and Greenbuild/Amsterdam in 2019. She currently teaches an introductory course on human perception, Architecture & Cognition, at the Boston Architectural College (BAC). In 2020, she co-founded The Human Architecture + Planning Institute, Inc (, a non-profit dedicated to improving our understanding of the human experience of place, and serves as its president. For more info go to: and the blog: + if you have a research idea, feel free to reach out! 


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