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Andrea Kantelberg
Andrea Kantelberg

Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Evolved Living Inc

Bringing Wellness to Real Estate – Designing Canada’s First Healthy Condo 

 Evolved Living is known as the up and coming disrupter in the arena of healthy living and wellness real estate, which as of 2020 was a trillion-dollar global market.

Focusing on creating a new paradigm for quality of life. Andrea Kantelberg’s presentation will focus on how her company came to be, and how Evolved Living created Canada’s first and healthiest condominium residence.

Evolved Living designs environments where humans feel inspired, public spaces where people thrive, and homes that nourish and transform the people who live in them. How does design add value and meaning to the space it is designing for?  What does it mean to restore harmony, balance and true affluence for brands, businesses and individuals that are interested in thriving?

With work featured in The New York Times, and multiple design awards, Evolved Living is setting a new standard for wellness in the real estate arena.

The company is recognized for its creative leadership, exclusive clientele, and seeking projects that inspire and set groundbreaking precedents through their innovation, methodologies and healthy lifestyle applications.  How do you want to feel?

 “There is nothing more I want to do than evolve the way people live and educate them that it is possible to have a space that is beautiful as well as contributes to your vitality.” Andrea Kantelberg

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Andrea Kantelberg’s passion for wellness began looking for an outlet a few years ago. “Throughout my life, multiple experiences have enforced the belief that health is a person’s greatest wealth. I have had the good fortune to live in Europe, California and Canada. The European sustainable way of living and the West Coast focus on healthy lifestyle, along with the innate humility that goes along with being Canadian have all influenced my work.” I focus on how a person will feel in a built environment first, the healthy components that contribute to that feeling, and then bring the artistic application of interior design, conscientious material choices, and healthy products to create an Evolved Living experience.  As we know better we do better.” Andrea Kantelberg

Andrea is a Designer and Wellness Entrepreneur with a simple mission to put beautiful design and well being at the center of all that she does. Her vast experience encompasses design and creative direction on over 25 Residential Towers and 5000 plus individual condominiums, working with Canada’s top residential real estate development companies! 

Andrea’s purpose encourages a studio that asks with each project – how are we adding to the quality of the people we are designing for?  How are we improving the quality of their life, are we acting with universal integrity? 

As Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Evolved Living Inc. a design lifestyle company, she and her multi-disciplinary team bring this philosophy to life, ensuring that a truly remarkable experience and ambiance be provided to clients for each and every project, grounded in the studios belief that beauty and well being are not mutually exclusive. 



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