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Alem Sklar
Alem Sklar

Founder & Creative Director Messydata

Back to The Garden: how ancient beliefs are reclaiming the modern world

Biophilia, or love of nature, is one of the most important emerging trends in the architecture and design community today. Recent work in the social sciences has generated new interest in the age-old religious question of the relationship between matter and spirit – and its relevance for the environmental crisis.  In this presentation, we explore why this is, and how to create strategies that are more impactful, products and services, based on a deeper understanding of the ideas behind the trend. Through powerful imagery you will easily understand the effect biophilia has and I demonstrate ways it has been used by others.

“I’m passionate about the role of design in providing solace and creating meaning in these turbulent times”

Alem Sklar is a self-described business compatible artist. Upon graduating with a degree in Fine Arts, Alem was hired to design a line of soap and scented candles for Canadian manufacturer, Seracon. It was here that she combined her background as an artist and expert in visual culture with consumer trends, designing product and marketing strategies based on what she identified as “bestselling stories”. After becoming the Lighting Director at Globe Electric, one of Canada’s fastest-growing consumer lighting and electric supply companies, Alem went on to spend seven years as the Creative & Marketing Director of the home décor company Renwil before creating her own venture, Messydata, mapping design trends, and consumer culture. For more information, you can reach Alem at or by email at


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