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Aaron Miller
Aaron Miller

Founder, CEO Hummingbird Hill Homes & Construction

Health + Wellness and the Built Environment

Health + Wellness and the built environment can be complicated without the knowledge and experience to support your efforts. If we are to realize that full potential of our future built environments, we can’t keep designing and building in silos. In this talk we examine the relationship that health and wellness plays in the residential built environment from the perspective of the custom home builder and speak to a case for integrated project delivery. 


Aaron Miller is the founder and co-owner of Hummingbird Hill Homes & Construction, a residential construction firm that is both Passive House TM & WELLTM AP Certified. Hummingbird Hill’s mission is to build meaningful architecture that is sustainable and healthy to live in from a health and wellness perspective. A guiding philosophy at Hummingbird Hill is an awareness that we experience our built environments with all 5 of the human senses and therefore take a holistic approach through this perspective to enhance our capacity to thrive.

Why I build – “I really enjoy using both sides of my brain and so I build homes to satisfy the creative aspect of building something that is architecturally challenging and profoundly impactful on our clients lives. I have also been described as a ‘laid back Type-A’ personality and I do crave data, research, efficiencies, and measurable processes to drive uncommon outcomes. Ultimately, I build so that our clients can feel intuitively better in their home and realize the profound benefits when a space feels completely natural.”  

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