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Aaron Miller
Aaron Miller

Founder, CEO Hummingbird Hill Homes & Construction


Aaron Miller is the founder and co-owner of Hummingbird Hill Homes & Construction, a residential construction firm that is both Passive House TM & WELLTM AP Certified. Hummingbird Hill’s mission is to build meaningful architecture that is sustainable and healthy to live in from a health and wellness perspective. A guiding philosophy at Hummingbird Hill is an awareness that we experience our built environments with all 5 of the human senses and therefore take a holistic approach through this perspective to enhance our capacity to thrive.  

Why I build – “I really enjoy using both sides of my brain and so I build homes to satisfy the creative aspect of building something that is architecturally challenging and profoundly impactful on our clients lives. I have also been described as a ‘laid back Type-A’ personality and I do crave data, research, efficiencies, and measurable processes to drive uncommon outcomes. Ultimately, I build so that our clients can feel intuitively better in their home and realize the profound benefits when a space feels completely natural.”  

HummingbirdHill Homes + Construction Inc.
A PassiveHouseTM + WELLTM AP Certified Builder
GTA – 482 South Service Rd. East – Unit #115
Oakville, ON L6J 2X6
Muskoka – HummingbirdHill North
Muskoka Lakes & Lake of Bays

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