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Roz Kavander
Roz Kavander

Color Design and Trend Consultant, ColorZest Trainer, Professional Speaker

Color Heals: The Impact of Color on Our Health

DOES COLOUR AFFECT YOUR HEALTH? YUP! What do the studies say. What does science tell us. What is psychological, cultural or what is in our darn DNA! What are the factors that affect our decisions, our love or aversion to color. Love or hate it you need it. In this talk you will learn how and why colour impacts your well being and how to discover what colour is right for you. Understanding your own relationship with colour helps you become better at selecting  colour for your clients.

“Color is not just about hue it is about the physiology, psychology and cultural aspects of color.” Roz Kavander

Roz Kavander is one of Canada’s go to experts in color. An active member of the Color Marketing Group, she organizes the annual Toronto ChromaZone color forecasting workshop. Roz is a consultant focused on  solving  the many different challenges that color brings to corporations and individuals. Her role on the board of Color Marketing Group lead to overseeing the highly anticipated annual regional Color Trend Workshop in Toronto. Roz had been instrumental in developing  color Education programs for the Color Marketing Group (CMG), which have gained international recognition.  Her speaking engagements include being a guest speaker at the High Point Furniture Market and several other conferences on design. Much of what Roz does involves teaching and developing customized training programs in color and trend forecasting for companies interested in educating their employees. 


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