Meet Our Speakers

Julie Sawchuk, Samantha Proulx and Jane Vorbrodt

Julie Sawchuk – Sawchuk Accessible Solutions B.Sc., B.Ed., RHFAC, Best-selling author, Accessibility Strategist

Julie Sawchuk

Samantha Proulx – ABE Factors C.E.T., RHFAC, BCIN

Samantha Proulx

Jane Vorbrodt – KUNO Architecture Architect, AIBC, RHFAC, LEED AP, BFA

Samantha Proulx

Building Better Bathrooms


Three engaging case studies will show you how to make your clients happier than they (and you) thought was possible. Spend an hour with Julie, Sam and Jane and you will realize that, with proper forethought, creating an accessible bathroom is possible, practical and most importantly can be beautiful. With discussion, details and design at the ready you will be set for your next project, able to answer all the “accessible bathroom” questions you didn’t know you needed to ask.


Julie Sawchuk – Sawchuk Accessible Solutions B.Sc., B.Ed., RHFAC Best-selling author (Build Your Space and Building Better Bathrooms) and accessibility strategist Julie Sawchuk combines her professional and personal experiences with accessibility and education; helping people design and
build the best, most accessible, space possible. She has worked on a variety of projects including libraries, recreation centres, apartments, restaurants, small town shops, and international airports. Julie also teaches the program
Building Without Barriers, the online platform for Accessible Design & Construction. As a professional speaker and author, she shares her message about accessibility and inclusion with students, businesses and organizations across Ontario. When you work with Julie, you will enlighten your team, inform your designs and build without barriers.

Samantha Proulx – ABE Factors C.E.T., RHFAC, BCIN Samantha (Certified Engineering Technologist and Principal of ABE Factors) is a Leading Technical Accessibility Specialist and Inter- Provincially Trained

Building Code Consultant with a decade’s worth of experience. She educates and works alongside design industry professionals and property management companies alike on how to create and maintain built environments that can be entered, experienced, and exited safely by everyone, public, private, small or complex, building or product, she helps connect the dots between technical compliance and people-oriented design so that we can live our best life, anywhere. If she’s not with a client, she’s somewhere educating or attending or chairing a technical accessibility committee meeting where she uses her knowledge to make impactful changes across the nation. She endeavours to promote bathroom user equality — social inclusion, community connections and economic growth — and know these are just some of the joys that come with building better bathrooms.


Jane Vorbrodt – KUNO Architecture Architect, AIBC, RHFAC, LEED AP, BFAJane believes that everyone has the right to be able to use and enjoy all aspects of the built environment. As the founder and principal of Kuno Architecture Inc., she specializes in accessible, inclusive and universal design.  The project Jane is most proud of is the accessible triplex that she designed
for her cousin — it was also the formative experience that compelled her to focus on accessible design. Seeing first hand the day-to-day challenges faced by her cousin led to a rigorous research process about how to design and
build to eliminate barriers and use materials and fixtures that create access without the look and feel being institutional. Jane’s projects include everything from large scale developments to individual living spaces. She has
helped improve access in commercial spaces like office towers and transportation hubs as well as university and college campuses. Jane’s eye for combining design and access has led her to be the go-to architect for single and multi-family residential clients who need access and wish to stay



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