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Andrew Guido
Andrew Guido

BBA, Building Biologist (BBNC), Principal, Erth Homes

A Healthy Home Shouldn’t Be An Upgrade. Every Home Needs To Be A Healthy Home!

Six years ago I started investigating health impacts from indoor contaminants. I wanted to understand why my daughter had asthma, why a close friend of mine passed away from lung cancer but never smoked, and why people I knew were getting ill more often than others. My journey led me to discover there was a science that focussed on how the built environment and nature impact our health and well-being. This is the science of Building Biology. I am now a Certified Building Biologist joining about 1,000 others in North America, and possibly ten times that in Europe where it originated in the ‘60s.

 Our homes, where we spend the majority of our life, is a living organism. It’s filled with microscopic life made up of biological matter as well as particles (think dust) and chemical toxins. Yet most of us know so little about the air we breathe in our homes and the impact it has on our brain, our emotional state, our lungs and our general well-being. I hope in today’s presentation and discussion to make you aware of the key environmental factors that impact us the most. My goal is to turn that awareness into actions that can create healthier living spaces.


Andrew Guido has followed his passions most of his adult life which have included fitness, food and now wellness real estate. He brings a multidisciplinary approach to homebuilding. With a diversified business career spanning over 30 years that includes leadership and operating positions in the food, communications, consulting, construction and land development industries. He has helped shape the business strategy for some of Canada’s largest companies and has a knack for seeing what’s around the corner… the creation of ERTH.

Andrew has a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from the Schulich School of Business from York University in Toronto, Ontario and is a Certified Building Biologist from the Building Biology Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When he is not busy working, Andrew can be found baking organic artisanal breads made with natural leaven. He is still trying to figure out how to use his outdoor wood burning pizza oven.   For more details visit:


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