Exhibitor Directory

Caplan’s Appliances

Contact: Ed Quinn
Phone: (416) 767-1655
Website: caplans.ca
Category: Appliances


Phone: (416) 767-1655
Website: Jennair.com
Category: Appliances

American Standard Brands

Contact: Joe Delle Rose
Phone: (647) 272-4480
Email: joe.dellerose@lixil.com
Website: dxv.com
Category: Bathroom

Decorators and Designs Association

Contact: Emily Conlon
Phone: (416) 231-6202
Email: office@ddacanada.com
Website: ddacanada.com
Category: Association

Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

Contact: Candice McEwen
Phone: 613-523-2268
Email: cmcewen@caot.ca
Website: caot.ca
Category: Association

Golden Age Living

Contact: Wanda Gozdz
Phone: (888) 607-4650
Email: wegcaps@att.net
Website: GoldenAgeLiving.com
Category: Design Services / CAPS Training

Interior Designers of Canada

Contact: Barbora Krsiakova
Phone: (877)443.4425
Email: bkrsiakova@idcanada.org
Website: Idcanada.org
Category: Association

Home Hardware Stores Limited

Contact: Matthew Lanteigne
Phone: (519) 664-2252
Email: contactus@homehardware.ca
Website: Homehardware.ca
Category: Building Products

Beauti-Tone Paints

Contact: Matthew Lanteigne
Phone: (519) 664-2252
Email: contactus@homehardware.ca
Website: Homehardware.ca
Category: Paint

Schluter Systems (Canada) Inc.

Contact: Joanna Tiffin
Phone: (647) 225-8844
Email: JTiffin@schluter.com
Website: schluter.com
Category: Building Products

Sugatsune Canada

Contact: Benny Lombardi
Phone: (514) 242-4688
Email: benny@sugatsune.com
Category: Building Products

ViewIT Technologies

ViewIT Technologies

Contact: Donna Barrlett
Phone: (800) 449.9984
Email: Donna@ViewITtechnologies.com
Website: ViewITtechnologies.com
Category: Technology

Toronto Society of Architects

Contact: Joel Leon
Email: joel@torontosocietyofarchitects.ca
Website: torontosocietyofarchitects.ca
Category: Association

AEC Daily

Phone: (877) 566 1199
Email: info@aecdaily.com
Website: Aecdaily.com
Category: Learning

You Are Unltd

Contact: Anne Marie Wright
Email: annemariewright@youareunltd.com
Website: youareunltd.com
Category: Media

Toronto Architecture Club

Email: info@torontoarchitectureclub.ca
Website: torontoarchitectureclub.ca
Category: Association

Savaria Concord Lifts

Contact: Alison Harper
Phone: (416) 529-1404
Email: aharper@savaria.com
Website: www.savaria.com
Category: Elevators/Lifts

Rick Hansen Foundation

Phone: (800) 213-2131
Email: info@rickhansen.com
Website: rickhansen.com
Category: Training

National Kitchen and Bath Association – Ottawa Chapter

Contact: Sandra Gibbons
Email: president@nkbaottawa.org
Website: NKBAottawa.org
Category: Association

Living In Place Institute

Contact: Erik Listou
Phone: (888) 467-3220
Email: erik@livinginplace.institute
Website: Livinginplace.institute
Category: Training

National Kitchen and Bath Association – Ontario Chapter

Contact: Denise Turner
Phone: (416) 300-3233
Email: Denise.Turner@fisherpaykel.com
Website: nkba.ca
Category: Association

Hardcore Reno

Contact: Manny Neves
Phone: (416)433-5737
Email: info@hardcorerenos.com
Website: hardcorerenos.com
Category: Renos / Reno Podcast

Accessible Daily Living

Contact: John Groe
Phone: (905) 533-0581
Email: john@accessibledailyliving.com
Website: accessibledailyliving.com
Category: Accessibility Products


Contact: Geoff Whitlock
Phone: 1-833-410-4357
Email: geoff@custodia.com
Website: custodia.com
Category: Senior Home Services

Code Savvi

Contact: Ken Long
Email: ken@codesavvi.ca
Website: Codesavvi.ca
Category: Building Code Services

Hummingbird Hill Home

Hummingbird Hill Homes

Contact: Aaron Miller
Phone: (647) 328-7459
Email: info@hummingbirdhillhomes.com
Website: hummingbirdhillhomes.ca
Category: Custom Homes

Hummingbird Hill Home


Contact: Phoebe Tung
Email: phoebe.tung@canada.ca
Website: HealthCanada.ca
Category: Education

Living Easy

Contact: Jim Closs
Phone: 647-529-4344
Email: jim@liveeasyinc.com
Website: liveeasyinc.com
Accessible Consultants and Products

Hummingbird Hill Home

Bay Area Health Trust

Contact: Jim Closs
Phone: 905-521-2248
Category: Health Sciences

Hummingbird Hill Home


Phone: 1-866-CAMBRIA
Website: cambriausa.com
Category: Surfaces


Contact: Tod Boss
Phone: 506.743.9500 ext. 185
Email: tod.boss@fantech.net
Website: fantech.net
Category: RADON

Hummingbird Hill Home


Contact: Amy Van Dorp
Email: director@withit.org
Phone: 336-882-9373
Website: withit.org
Category: Association

Canadel logo


Contact: Grudy Wolosz
Email: canadelshowroom@gmail.com
Phone: 905-672-8787
Website: canadel.com
Category: Furniture

The Collective Workspace

Contact: Carly Nemtean
Phone: 416-816-5879
Email: Info@thecollectiveto.com
Website: thecollectiveto.com
Category: Co-working offices / Services


Contact: Sheryl Lowe
Phone: 905-671-3948
Email: toshow@renwil.com
Website: renwil.com
Category: Art and Accessories

Scott Marketing & Consulting Goup

Contact: Sandra
Phone: 210-445-1462
Email: sandra@scottgroup.consulting
Website: www.scottgroup.consulting
Category: Marketing Agency

Healthcraft Products

Contact: John O’Brien
Phone: 613-822-1885
Email: john@healthcraftproducts.com
Website: healthcraftproducts.com
Category: Health Care Products

Sustainable Furnishings Council

Contact: Susan Inglis
Phone: 252-368-1098
Email: admin@sustainablefurnishings.org
Website: sustainablefurnishings.org
Category: Association

Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program

Contact: Pam Warkentin
Phone: 204-798-9649
Email: info@c-nrpp.ca
Website: c-nrpp.ca
Category: RADON Training

RALNational Association

Contact: Molly Tennant
phone: 725-210-0755
email: molly@ralna.org
website: ralna.org
category: Association


Contact: Steve Agisnaga
phone: 647-673-4390
email: steve@evac-chair.com
website: evac-chair.com
category: Accessibility Product


Contact: Darilyn Coles
phone: 905-678-5586 
email: dcoles@internationalcentre.com
website: exploretidc.com
category: Design Centre


Contact: Jorden Lefler
phone: 647- 283-0237
email: jorden@stllighting.com
website: stllighting.com
category: Lighting


Contact: Lawrence Crystal
phone: 401-738-7266
email: lcrystal@pmclighting.com
website: pmclighting.com
category: Lighting


Contact: Michelle Ryan
phone: 226-922-0992
email: Michelle.Ryan@td.com
category: Mortgage Specialist

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